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[[File:1340956525_GTAIV2012-06-2911-18-58-70.jpg|thumb|400px|The raven school bus from GTA IV]]
The Raven is school bus on GTA IV and is beleived to be found high in the sky.It has the body of the Lost and Danmed's Prison Bus.
[[File:Wiki-background|thumb|A Raven driving down the street in Broker.]]
The Raven is the only school bus that is drivable, and has a open doors function as well as a caution lights function.It was made by Brute and also bears resemblence to the undrivable school bus wrecks in GTA IV.
==how to get it==
The Raven is a somewhat hard to get schoolbus. It supposedly spawns high over the firefly projects and is only accesible by a multiplayer glitch.First, a glitch in multiplayer happens when you instently spawn miles above Liberty City and you can drive or walk there for about 15 seconds to 1 minute.Second, when the glitch happens, you must be in the middle of the Firefly projects in a Turismo car, you must move fast as you will soon drop thousands of feet back to the surface, so you have to get in the Raven fast.Also,the Raven will most likely get damaged or destroyed on the fall, unless it lands on it's four wheels.The Raven also won't spawn unless you are in a Turismo and won't fall unless you are in it or you touched it.Mods will also allow you to drive the Raven.
[[File:Schoolbus-GTA4-wreck.jpg|thumb|A school bus wreck pile on GTA IV . Featuring similar designs to the Raven.]]
[[File:Yes3q.jpg|thumb|A Raven just spawned by mods]]
[[File:PrisonBus-TLAD-front.jpg|thumb|left|334px|The PrisonBus on GTA "The Lost and Danmed" GTA IV expansion game.]]
[[File:GTA-San-Andreas-Addon-School-bus_1.jpg|thumb|left|A Raven school bus on GTA San Andreas.It is a mod,but it has been seen to be found in certain places in the game.]]

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