The Jumbo Jet on GTA IV said to be obtainable in game and with mods.plane fly us

The Jumbo Jet is a vehicle on GTA IV and GTA V.On GTA IV, itis said to not be obtainable, but some people say you can, but have only found ways to ride it, and they never actually take off or land from the airport.


The Jumbo Jet on GTA IV is again, unflyable,(so far) but, some people find ways to ride it, such as standing in front of the rear landing gear and waiting for it to take off.Those people are unaware that you can never see it take off or land except in missions.You can not ride the plane when it is already in the air, it goes simply, too fast. The Jumbo Jet is operated flyUS an airline seen both GTA IV and GTA V.It is indestructible, so there is no way to stop it or veer it off it's path or even knock it out of the sky, as many have tried...and failed.


It is said you can obtain and fly a Jumbo Jet in GTA V because new drivable aircraft are available in game, so the Jumbo Jet just came in there.It has a different white and red paint scheme and is not a good flyer due to it's size and weight, if your trying to fly a long distance.The GTA V Jumbo Jet introduces Adios Airlines to Grand Theft Auto and there is also an orange version of the flyUS Jumbo Jet.

Adios Airlines

The Adios Airlines variant of the Jumbo Jet on GTA V.


The Drivable Jumbo Jet on GTA V.

Other GTA gamesEdit

In other GTA games such as San Andreas , you can fly aircraft ,such as, the AT-400 is in the game as a flyable jumbo jet.It is the largest thing easily obtainable on GTA :San Andreas.It is not the easiest to get off the ground either and is hard to land, so keep a parachute handy and is not the fastest, for an airplane, because it is pretty fast.There is no official airline operating the AT-400's in these games either.

The AT-400 Jumbo Jet on GTA:San Andreas on the ground.


The AT-400 inflight.


The AT-400 taxiing at it's original spawn point.

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